group is a Alibaba to attract international luxury brands settled its Tmall mall, a Henzhao, promised to clear the settled luxury brand of non authorized sales and counterfeit fake. Wealth Quality Institute released "2013 report" shows that in 2013 Chinese luxury, luxury sales amounting up to more than 600 billion yuan, in the global market accounted for 47%, Chinese consumers to use a virtual private network (VPN) on more and more overseas brands and buy luxury goods to third party websites.

Alibaba in May 6th this year submitted an initial public offering (IPO) application in the United States, plans to list the NYSE, the company has been hoping to attract high-end brands settled. Analysts expect the amount of Ali listed financing or up to $20 billion, could become one of the largest IPO in the history of the United states.


: lead the high-end brands

American "Wall Street journal" reported that 10 British Burberry clothing company (Burberry) has been on Tmall and Taobao on sale is very unhappy, which no shops are authorized, and many fakes.

quoted sources as saying that Alibaba has told Bo Bo, the group will do its utmost to remove the non brand authorized sales of the Bo Bo products from its website. Bo Bo in April this year, stationed in Tmall mall.

"the Wall Street journal" reporter interviewed dozens of sellers and analysts said, Alibaba to attract high-end brands Tmall, similar measures taken on a number of big companies, including Estee Lauder, the big attraction in Tmall, as long as the commitment of these brands in the Tmall store, they will clear the non brand authorized sales and counterfeiting.

"the Wall Street journal" comments, listed on the New York Stock Exchange on the eve of the Alibaba, eager to attract luxury brands, brand, to attract more buyers and potential investors.

Bo Li settled in front of Tmall, more than 50 stores to sell this brand of goods, but no access to brand licensing. After the opening of the Tmall flagship store Tmall, all unlicensed goods disappear from the. The Alibaba told some stores that they had to stop selling their products. Alibaba to prevent some stores to show Bo Bo’s goods, frequent checks to ensure that the store will not use the copyright photo of bo.

shortcut: put an end to third party sales

Tmall has more than 7 stores, so the scale is also another gray seller abnormal prosperity. Some sellers usually buy brand-name products from the peripheral dealers, and then sold at a discount price in the store, but these products have not been officially authorized. The American market research firm L2 CEO Scott · said Alibaba; Galloway, clean up the "grey market" in Tmall, has formed a strong attraction for some high-end brands. After all, Alibaba is the gateway to China’s 300 million network buyers. In 2012, Tmall and Taobao had more than 1 trillion people