when the Internet into the network era, the Internet marketing mode greatly reduce the intermediate link cost of apparel sales, low price affordable attraction to consumers, but for the primary stage in the development of the Internet network, the industry is still not standardized, especially integrity can not be guaranteed lead to a large number of high-level consumers to try the Internet shopping, so clothing brand model of Internet sales of B2C brand, from the original PPG to VANCL eSTREET, now many guest clothing street Luxuries and MASAMASO brand.

According to a recent

iResearch released "2009-2010 Chinese apparel online shopping Research Report" shows that the clothing has become the first online shopping categories of goods, including clothing, B2C turnover in 2009 is about 2 billion 400 million yuan, representing a growth rate of up to 100%.

the face of the network clothing brand in the industry are growing rapidly, can become a clothing brand sales channel innovation revolution? We next from the status quo of the entire garment industry operating entity and process innovation from scarcity to fully brand competition in the market about.

The development of

social economy has made the garment industry has become a fully competitive market, many brand garment enterprises need to face front end product design and development of homogeneous competition, sales channel is the back end of the real commercial department store industry integrated object — high field into fees, decoration costs, sales of more than 30%, divided into various patterns management fees, fees, sponsorship fee tier, frequently buy 300 change 1000 promotional activities, all of these costs are borne by the clothing brands, these clothing enterprises in order to survive only high prices, promotions increasingly large, clothing prices overshoot high, form a vicious spiral, but can not let the clothing brand accept that the commercial department store industry for various reasons to arrears and deduction of the clothing brand sales, occupied by suppliers of funds to achieve self Expansion or access to real estate and other means of profiteering industry;


innovation has become a large number of clothing brands to seek the means of survival, unique products can obtain market short high returns, but easy to imitate highly serious losses resulted from product innovation performance; innovation of sales channels have also after several rounds of revolution, the first franchise brand to Party in addition to the risk of loss for the transfer of funds and product inventory backlog risk advantage, the operating entity passed all agents to join, but the clothing brand only earn not lose the basic guarantee of the franchise model cannot be lasting, only to accept the status quo the market size is smaller, its essence is the management of risk and loss into sales channels to join the agent to bear this pattern typical of the brand is 10 years before the first China clothing brand Shanshan garment began to use another sales mode; On behalf of the channel innovation is YOUNGOR, 10 years ago when the real estate prices in the doldrums of the big purchase shop store built flagship store, but today, the flagship store will become the brand processing field, only by the clothing business, it is certainly benefit to evaluate the loss >