Dangdang customers shopping on the site to pay less than 1 hours to receive the customer service call, saying it failed to pay, need to pay, and then her credit card and bank card stolen brush.

consumers said personal information was leaked to sue the defendant accused of Dangdang: the plaintiff has been associated with Internet fraud has nothing to do with

plaintiff Ms. Lu said in court: "because the poor management, resulting in my personal information leakage caused cheated"

photo / reporter Cao Boyuan

Legal Evening News (reporter Downing) Ms. Lu customers in the online shopping payment within 1 hours of receiving the service call, said the payment failed, need to pay, then her credit card and bank card stolen brush. Dangdang said the disclosure of their personal information, Ms. LV sued Dangdang claims.

this morning, the case in Chaoyang Court hearing. During the trial, Dangdang argued that Ms. Lu suffered a network fraud, the public security organs to help them recover losses, Dangdang has done to remind obligations, should not bear legal responsibility.


Dangdang online shopping after the credit card debit card stolen brush


sued Ms. Lu said, in April 17, 2015, she ordered cosmetics Dangdang, and online merchants bank to pay 115 yuan. Less than 1 hours, she received a call Dangdang customer service, told her to pay a problem, need to pay. I did not expect her credit card stolen brush 2000 yuan, the debit card in the $745 stolen. Ms. Lu immediately reported to the public security organs.

Ms. Lu believes that the defendant because of lax management, resulting in leakage of personal information caused cheated her. There is a direct causal relationship between her loss and the defendant’s disclosure of his personal information.

she suffered losses should be borne by the defendant the defendant should also Dangdang, compensation for the resulting loss and loss of spirit, it is taken to court, requiring the defendant to compensate the direct economic loss of 6634 yuan, compensation for lost income and mental damages 4000 yuan.


Dangdang: the plaintiff suffered online fraud and has nothing to do with

this morning, the case in the Chaoyang Court hearing, Ms. Lu I attend, appoint a staff to appear in court.

said the defendant Dangdang, Ms. Lu’s different meaning of all claims. The company’s online shopping process has two kinds, one is Dangdang proprietary products, Dangdang settlement, Dangdang delivery; the other is to provide trading platform Dangdang, provided by the merchant goods and delivery. Ms. Lu to buy products that are purchased in other businesses, not Dangdang proprietary products. When the plaintiff to buy products in Dangdang merchants, commodity pages have the appropriate security tips, the plaintiff suffered losses unrelated to dangdang."

Dangdang said that this event is caused by network fraud, the company does not