economic crisis is a disaster, but also an opportunity

after two years, we believe that for 08, 09 years of economic crisis still fresh, pay cuts, layoffs, the deluge of information that white-collar workers complain incessantly, while they will always worry about lost jobs, while figuring out how to save money for daily expenses. For a time, there were numerous "white-collar money merit each big website news and forum".

in these "tactics", the most striking is the "group purchase" should be relevant information. City buyers through the network organization to buy a piece of goods, so as to enjoy the ultra low price, some of the discount is as low as ninety percent off, such a discount, we naturally will not let go. Thus, quietly rising buy network.

buy the number of explosive growth

The emergence of

buy network for white-collar workers to open up a new shopping channels, but also to many people enjoy the real discount. However, for the rapid development of the network, the birth of a new thing, there will be a lot of followers to follow suit.

09 years since the rise of the network has just two years, the number of domestic buy network to grow exponentially. In December 2010 2010, the development of Chinese China Internet association group purchase website credit assessment center released in the first group purchase website Chinese integrity summit "and credit report" survey shows: as of the end of November 2010, the total number of group purchase website has a certain scale in China has reached 1664.

a "blitz", is also a melee

group purchase net growth rate of the number is really astonishing, but at nearly two thousand sites is still not very big market, the competition is not to be underestimated, we called the "thousand group war" not much.

in order to seize the market as soon as possible, by the end of 2010, the handle network, the United States Mission Network and several other sites have been financing, so far, thousands of regiments war into the white hot state. Currently, the major group buying network advertising has been overwhelming, we are in any corner of the network, almost all can see a few big buy site advertising.

this is a "blitz", is also a melee, the investment manager as a venture investment fund said: "this is typical of the Red Sea, rushed well broken limbs to."

buy network business model vulnerabilities, customer complaints continue

thrilling "war" is hot performance, everyone concerned about this war at the same time, will also look to the business model and the development of the group purchase website. The author found that although the network group purchase unusually hot, but in some forums, often see the "netizens complain," paste "in the XX site to fake" and "insider exposure XX website with information network group purchase" etc.. Thus, the person >