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shop drug prices cheaper than the store 10%~30%

newspaper news (reporter Huang Pei) yesterday, has been based in Guangzhou Guangzhou affiliated enterprises Jianmin medicine announced gphl Derek officially launched online pharmacies. But industry insiders, because of the particularity of the electronic commerce drugs although the prospect is very good, but still faces policy bottlenecks, consumption habits and health care to link the three ridge.

policy of "Besieged City" to form a "bonanza"

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China jointly issued a pharmaceutical business association and chain pharmacies branch data show that nearly two years Chinese drug retail scale increasing, rising from 150 billion yuan in 2009, and in 2009 the online sales of drugs is only 70 million yuan, accounting for 0.046% of the total size, recently more than a year, although some development, but for the whole the proportion of retail sales still did not exceed 0.1%. But Europe and the United States up to more than 20%." Health passenger network CEO Su told reporters.

it is reported that there are only 36 companies in the country to provide qualified individuals to provide drugs. It can be said that the pharmaceutical e-commerce in our country is completely undeveloped. Because of this special relationship between the life and health of the drug property, our country of the online sale of drugs has a strict attitude, must obtain the "Internet drug information service qualification certificate" and "the Internet and drug transaction service qualification certificate" to the online sale of drugs. At the same time, to obtain the above qualifications must be an enterprise, and must be a chain drugstore, has its own warehouse, licensed pharmacists, etc..

in addition, online pharmacies can only sell non prescription drugs, which will greatly weaken the ability of online pharmacies and hospitals and pharmacies to grab patients. It is this policy requirements, so that the development of e-commerce medicine is very slow, but also to make it more prominent prospects for development." Yesterday, a person in charge of medical e-commerce, said the reporter.

industry inside and outside the capital have entered the

on the one hand is a huge market space, on the other hand, there are very few competitors, which for the current domestic e-commerce business to seek new opportunities, the temptation is really difficult to block.

but Taobao was named after the State Food and Drug Administration illegal drug sales, so that the temporary cooling off the industry capital, but the medical bank is more crazy capital.

yesterday, gphl Jianmin officially launched the network, is one of the five companies across the country have both B2C and B2B two online license.

entity pharmacies due to the size of the venue restrictions, there are only 2000 kinds of products, but now the Internet has more than 7000 varieties. Prices cheaper than the store 10% to 30%." Head of Chen Sike said gphl Jianmin network.

pharmaceutical companies do not seize the camp within the line, outside the capital will come roaring." Industry insiders say. It is reported that China’s largest pharmaceutical circulation