This year is the rapid growth of Internet sales of a year, and this year’s sales network is no longer like the traditional way to B2C (business to customer sales model), the emerging network sales model C2C (customer to customer type sales model) this year is particularly eye-catching, on behalf of this model is undoubtedly Taobao multi store mall model, many individual users have successfully opened their own "small store" through the online system of Taobao, some users have even shop can be comparable to the traditional B2C mode of sales performance, so that the network shops, online business has become a hot topic of this era, many young people eager, eager to experience the passion. With the further popularization of electronic business, perfect, online store is gradually warming up, recently quietly rising in a certain monopoly domain combined with e-commerce profitmodel is respected by many network operators.

emerging Internet profit model will bring new hot spot to have been very popular in electronic commerce, domain name trading, virtual host etc.. Currently like NOKIA monopoly, Nike monopoly, BMW monopoly has been established, many dealers, individuals began to pay attention to the potential and advantages of such sites. Many investors will plan to open an online store.

      the first is to grasp the consumer group;

      second is a warm service;

      third is a reasonable profit;