news July 5th, today announced that since July 8th this year, make adjustments to the Taobao search ranking rules, excessive SEO (search engine optimization) will be regarded as cheating by Taobao search engine drop right, the seller service quality of search ranking weights were also greatly enhanced, the seller breaches, the number and degree of refund the proportion of complaints, number, will directly affect the ranking sellers in Taobao search results.

has been as much as possible to obtain the traffic has been one of the key points of the development of Taobao, so the seller, for a variety of SEO means Taobao search has been the object of study to the seller.

Taobao said, because many sellers too much emphasis on the acquisition of traffic, in order to get a better ranking and more opportunities to show on the search, using a lot of means of cheating. Including Taobao released SEO sellers cheating: credit speculation, false trading, deliberately put in the wrong category, repeat, repeat distribution, shop goods, false advertising, keyword stuffing postage, no goods hanging etc..

in July 8th to adjust the search engine rules, the seller will be cheated by the search engine drop right, serious or even direct filtering does not show. Taobao search for a person in charge is the kind of cheating by cheating on the flow of the seller’s good day will be gone forever.

new Taobao search rules in addition to punish SEO cheating, focus on service quality is the adjustment of the seller, the seller breaches degree, refund number and proportion, the number and proportion of overtime refund, the complaint number, delivery speed, response speed, Wang Wang buyers assessment scores and so on, will affect the seller in the Taobao search in sort.

Taobao said that the change of Taobao’s search rules is to optimize the Taobao user’s shopping experience, so that buyers can be found through the search results and buyers search for a high degree of matching sellers. The collation of adjustment, a big positive and small sellers, which means that even enter Taobao later, popularity is not high relative to the seller, as long as more efforts to improve the quality of service, also can get better search location." Taobao said.