morning news (reporter Sun Yu) Tencent shares Jingdong mall, how to integrate the complex business of Tencent’s business has been much attention. Yesterday, Jingdong revealed details of the specific integration. Jingdong vice president and general manager of open platform Kui Ying Chun said yesterday, QQ online shopping platform after the integration will no longer use the platform to encourage businesses move to Jingdong. Tencent’s C2C platform pat will also adjust the business model.

Tencent in addition to the field of electricity providers 3C B2C easy fast network, as well as the positioning of the B2C model is more embarrassing QQ online shopping and C2C online shopping mode pat network. According to the provisions of the Tencent shares of Jingdong, Jingdong will acquire Tencent QQ online shopping and pat net 100% interest, logistics personnel and assets, as well as a minority stake in the network fast and easy and fast and easy to buy the remaining stake in the network rights.

Kui Ying Chun said, QQ online shopping will be disabled after the integration, and pat Network will adjust the business model. No doubt, these adjustments will form a greater impact on the settled merchants. In this regard, Jingdong said it would introduce more incentives to encourage businesses to migrate to open platform Jingdong. It is reported that, for moving businesses, Jingdong will give support on costs and resources, including exemption from service fees in 2014 to the most preferential price of Jingdong’s COD warehouse distribution.