in recent years, the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier, in the dividend policy, capital driven interaction and consumer demand, sunshine sea Amoy open era, the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier, scouring the sea continues to expand the scale of population. According to incomplete statistics, China’s cross-border electricity supplier platform enterprises have more than 5000, the territory of cross-border e-commerce business through various types of platform for foreign trade enterprises have more than 20. Behind the huge data opportunities and challenges, the competition between platforms, in fact, is the supply chain competition. In such a market environment, the demand for cross-border cross-border electricity supplier to the cross-border electricity supplier supply chain services increasingly strong demand.

cross-border supply chain in the future should be composed of three parts of the electronic business platform, brands and service providers. Business platform is the demand as much as possible to reduce intermediate links to obtain the real price of goods and price of the United States the essence of foreign goods and brands, is the demand of developing international market, obtain more sales. An essential bridge between the two is to provide supply chain service providers. This model is bound to be the direction of future development of cross-border trade, thus providing cross-border supply chain services B2B platform began to develop rapidly.

, the British company Avenue51 in cross-border supply chain services is the earliest and most successful one. Avenue51 founder James Hardy, former president of Alibaba in Europe, and in 2014 set up the service to the British brand consulting and trading company, aimed at high-quality overseas brands into the market by way of cross-border Chinese. At present, the company has signed a cooperation agreement with Waitrose, Cambridge, Royal Mail and hundreds of British brands and enterprises.

Avenue51 as for Sino British trade in the British companies, logistics and customer service service technology company, with its technology oriented business philosophy, gratifying business performance won the 2016 annual Guardian Excellence Awards British guardian.


(picture for the 2016 annual Guardian business excellence organizers and judges for the guardian Award for Avenue51 CEO Avenue51, left James Hardy, left three Avenue51 CCO Mr. Liu Chao

)B2B platform 51 product library

British Avenue51 company ( docking overseas brand and China business platform, provide thousands of British direct mining products wholesale and direct mail services on behalf of, is committed to the China retailers can quickly expand high-quality goods in england. Categories include maternal and child products, skin care products, health products, etc.. 51 product library has a one-stop supply chain system, including procurement, warehousing, logistics, etc., and has a bonded warehouse in Guangzhou. 51 product library customers include a number of large domestic electricity supplier platform, the United Kingdom in the cross-border import of goods up to 50%.