] August 21st news billion state power network, billion state power network that days before Tmall changed the dimensions of clothing goods category. But because of the size of the system update did not promptly notify the seller, plus the new system instability and other factors, resulting in some businesses encounter various problems in the modification of product size and upload new pictures of products, businesses have attracted tucao.

screenshot from Taobao sellers internal forum

According to

billion state power network to understand, Tmall clothing category new size categories are divided into general, China, European and English code…… Compared with the old size, each large size behind the custom box was removed, the specific size of the rules by Tmall unified management, only in the size of the final category to the custom of a position.

through communication with different clothing sellers, billion state power network has learned, the ordinary clothing sellers can generally accept the new size, special size (obesity code) sellers may be affected, for the new size do not adapt to.

Tmall clothing category new size table

billion state power network found that the sellers Tucao is focused on Tmall’s new system is not stable in size without notice of the seller the seller was running on the line, resulting in some changes found in the background system to modify product size, unable to adapt to. As a result of the new system instability, part of the function can not be used, but also to the part of the seller on the new caused a problem.

August 18th, Tmall issued a notice to the seller category, said the new system is to optimize the size of the rules, that day can not to publish and edit products, once again caused many new businesses to dissatisfaction.