has always had such a view: with the rapid development of the Internet, the traditional business will decline or even e-commerce. But the fact is it really? In the field of 3C, the Jingdong, Tesco, Kuba annual turnover growth has doubled, but at the same time in recent years, Gome, Dazhong, tophere, e and other world entities under the line store sales also achieved significant growth; in the field of clothing, every guest, good music to buy, sales per year the rapid growth of the next line of Smith Barney, Lining in recent years has developed very rapidly.

that is to say, e-commerce is not only "dead" traditional business, but because of the rapid development of the Internet, to promote the development of traditional business. It may seem contradictory, but is it really contradictory?

One day,

in February 2012, I went to Zhongguancun Monica joy studios movie, went to the electronic city tophere period. Find top electronics city underground layer of huge crowds of people, the purchase of electronic products with customers in a continuous line, very lively. In fact, in 2008 I once tophere, then tophere has grown into Zhongguancun’s largest electronics stores, this to go before I thought under the impact of electronic commerce, tophere dragon, e world and the store business is dying, a deserted house. But after I went to the top, and came to the dragon and the e world, feel a few places more than a few years ago, the more popular popularity.

I think

in electronic commerce is popular today, the traditional business has achieved rapid growth in the development of the Internet has solved the problem of asymmetric information the main reason. An article "as I had the development of the Internet and the theory of relativity" movie survival points mentioned, before the popularity of the Internet, the user can not easily go to the next line to buy a product, but with the popularity of the Internet, users will first major site to do their homework before buying a product, the "with the information will be determined to buy. In my case, I only in the Pacific, Zhongguancun online, bear online sites such as favorite digital products only after understanding to the next line of the mall to buy, but in the absence of the Internet before, to prevent the fakes, I would rather give up shopping.

might be a doubt, since it has been through a number of vertical digital media for electronic products, understand, why not to line up to buy? Here we have to mention the disadvantages of online shopping and online shopping short ribs, aiming at this problem, I launched a topic in the discussion on the fast way, invite some people in the industry to participate in the interaction, exchange of views.

network marketing Xiao Weixiong said makes sense, he believes that e-commerce has many advantages compared with the traditional business, but also has some disadvantages. First, the issue of integrity. Second, customers can not directly touch the goods. Third, not immediately received the purchased goods. Fourth, payment problems. Fifth, a lot of people especially is that older people are not familiar with it or not acceptable. Above all is the electronic commerce disadvantage, which is the traditional business advantage. So e-commerce in the short term