from the heady to a serious decline in performance, through the micro business big reshuffle after the next chance at what point? How to micro rebirth? Some people say that mobile social electricity supplier is derivative of future rebirth, it tends to be the future direction of this


first look at what is the definition of mobile social networking, Baidu Encyclopedia: mobile social networking refers to the user with mobile phone, tablet and other mobile terminal as the carrier, to the user online identification and exchange of information technology as the foundation, according to the traffic billing, realized by the mobile network of social applications, mobile social networking does not include call texting business communication. After understanding the mobile social, it is not difficult to understand, mobile social networking providers in the mobile social networking platform.

Along with the development and popularization of

large screen mobile phone and mobile Internet, social networks usher in a disruptive change, according to Analysys International’s analysis report pointed out that in 2011 China Mobile Internet users reached 430 million, an increase of nearly 50%, the chain in 2012, the number of mobile Internet users will likely exceeded 600 million, more than the number of Internet users is growing. A large number of users based on the strong momentum of development of mobile social networking. Mobile Internet to facilitate communication anytime anywhere and other online shopping and other operations, the Royal Anber amber believes that mobile social electricity supplier is the future of the future of micro business rebirth. The micro business is the rebirth of the traditional electricity supplier road.


said micro business is the rebirth of the traditional electricity supplier? 2015, micro business to become the most popular industry, not only Suning, Gome and other traditional companies have entered the field of micro business, Ma Huateng in March to the micro business to give full recognition, even Ali also launched in April "Amoy shop" to seize the derivative market. Derivative industry be raging like a storm, but from the beginning of May, micro business suffered winter, various micro brand performance decline, the team split to the micro District, like a raging fire poured a pot of cold water.

micro business analysts believe that the golden age of the traditional electricity supplier is coming to an end, to the mobile social electricity supplier as the representative of the electricity supplier 3 era has arrived, and micro providers will be the most mainstream form of mobile social electricity supplier. Micro business is the rebirth of the traditional electricity supplier, with millet thinking to do the product, with micro business model to do marketing, is the next step in the traditional electricity supplier.

Royal Anber suggested that people who want to enter the micro business still tangled into the micro business road whether students, sometimes, after just know this road is suitable, if there is no experience began to tangle, why don’t you try, if successful