2007 and 2008 will be the rapid development of the China Internet Corporation for two years, three pure Internet revenue source: wireless SP, online games and online advertising, from a long-term perspective, online advertising is the most promising (Qian Jing).

There are few opportunities for

wireless and online games for startups, as a listed company, is also looking for another source, advertising is the most interesting part of them.


started selling brand advertising to position themselves in the network game; the NetEase do not want online games to become their own growth only in the portal and search the increased investment; Focus Media is to acquire the largest degree of the Internet advertising company good.

compared to the United States, China’s brand and small and medium enterprises based on online advertising investment is still insignificant, very attractive growth space.

I like to divide the ads into two categories: brand advertising and effect advertising. Sina Banner advertising is the brand advertising, customers such as Lenovo, TOYOTA, US (pcpop.com and autohome) advertising is in this form, they pay more attention to product promotion and brand effect; advertising is like Baidu search, classification, main customers if small and medium-sized enterprises and sales channels, our dealers in this form, they pay more attention to the sales of products and services.

these two parts of online advertising, 2007 is expected to have more than 10 billion yuan, the annual Olympic Games in 2008 more than 15 billion. So everybody started to move!

1, Baidu in addition to selling search advertising, began selling brand advertising, as long as it is online advertising, Baidu will do, it is said that Baidu has to do portal;

2, QQ to strengthen the construction of the portal, in addition to China’s largest online advertising audience crowd, QQ most need is an online advertising platform, IM is not enough, the best portal;

3, Focus Media fully into the field of online advertising, the acquisition of good is one of its weight, more importantly, Focus Media hopes to become a right to speak media;

4, digital products and cars, which occupy 50% of the overall advertising market of the industry, will continue to maintain rapid growth, especially in the field of automotive, automotive online advertising accounted for only a few percentage points in 2006;


5, online video advertising and mobile advertising, 2007 is still difficult.

6, 2007 and 2008, China’s Internet is the most important two key words: online advertising, vertical.