Internet profit model mainly e-commerce (sell profit), advertising, membership fees (I define him as the majority of the audience charges, including online games, dating sites VIP, B2B membership fee, if the eBay charge is SP). Which accounted for the largest online advertising revenue model.

      so most of the personal website to gain, it is necessary to know how to put advertising. The same site, the same ad, put different advertising, earnings may differ by several times.

      of course the above mentioned website mainly refers to from some of the advertising advertising, many people will think of whether mentioned advertising alliance will be deducted, whether to pay, in fact advertising has gradually grown up, some advertising alliance has received venture investment approval, and get millions of dollars in investment for example, Yiqifa.

      brief introduction of an advertising alliance, an advertising alliance based on advertising budgets and targets of the Lord, to help advertisers make a reasonable advertising plan, then according to the advertisement plan to put ads to the thousands on thousands of union website. For example, Yiqifa partnered with DHC to help the promotion of DHC cosmetics, you can apply on the DHC in Yiqifa advertising, as long as there are people through your site for free from a set of DHC trial installation, you can get 5 dollars, of course Yiqifa from DHC there may be 6 dollars, this is one for the alliance a stable profit model.

      through advertising alliance to put advertising is a very stable way of profit, there are a lot of websites through advertising alliance to get tens of thousands of monthly income. You don’t need to have their own advertising salesman, do not need to deal with their own logistics, the process cumbersome, you just need to know how to promote your website can make money.

      I’ll give you a few examples to illustrate how advertising from the advertising alliance to bring you greater income.

      case 1: Blue ideal

      the site positioning user groups for web design and production. In the home page on the two text link advertising, and no promotion, as shown in the picture, click on the scarlet letter is part of a link to a special page book recommendation:

      in the time of more than and 20 days, the Commission is 791.6976. It doesn’t look like a lot of commission, but here’s just two ad links.

      case >