"old boy" to be listed.

last week, first produced the film "old boy’s way of the dragon" the emergence of "Confucianism is intended to Showtime pictures holdings in Listed Companies in the acquisition of the list, which was founded in 2009, the film company will sell technology holdings at a price of 1 billion 500 million yuan, 80 boss Ke Liming also fell swoop become" rich handsome".

with the same fate and Ke liming, Zhong Yingwu. The clock started the game company holding little interaction and little interaction (Beijing) in 2010, and now the two companies will also be technology holdings in the bag, the price of over 6 billion yuan. Zhong Yingwu was born in 1985 after 4 years of entrepreneurship will enjoy nearly $2 billion 700 million in wealth.

The acquisition of

technology control equity of these three companies is a "construction enterprise of precast concrete pile", market capitalization is only 4 billion 200 million yuan. This time, the technology holding will raise 8 billion 600 million yuan from the market, not only the completion of the acquisition, the rest of the money can also fall the company’s Bank loans.

sold the company, turned one billion rich

in the "little apple" and "brainwashing" rhythm ", the movie old boy’s way of the dragon" to make more than 200 million yuan at the box office. In the movie, two carries the dream of Uncle transnational dream, finally found the cause of the "second spring"; in reality, the producer Ke Liming is experiencing "the temptation of fame".

interview, Kari Aki said: "for me to buy the company, only one model is the company I bought, I come to you to do the film, do occupation managers."

Ke Liming company called "Confucian meaning Showtime", founded in 2009, he and his brother Ke Jiuming holds 20%, 80% stake. Confucianism is intended to Showtime has been involved in planning produced 3 films: "to the youth", "old boy’s way of the dragon", "age 3", every "sell", "Youth" at the box office 720 million, "old boy" over 200 million at the box office, "age 3" the box office is close to 600 million.

in addition, the Confucian Italy also planned produced 8 TV series, a total of 270 sets, including "bronze teeth 4", "Peking no war" etc..

as a result of the film and television drama generally has a number of investors, Confucian sense of revenue data is not as beautiful as the box office. 2013 revenues of 8 million 698 thousand and 100 yuan, net profit of -78 million in the first half of 2014, the company revenues of $30 million 920 thousand, net profit of $17 million 590 thousand.

such a company, the listed companies to sell technology holdings at a price of 1 billion 500 million yuan.

August 18th, the technology holding announcement that will acquire a 100% stake in Showtime Confucian meaning pictures. The price of 1 billion 500 million yuan, due to the expected future performance of Ruyi pictures. The company expects to achieve net profit of 130 million yuan in 2015, equivalent to a valuation of $11.54 times earnings, compared with the recent acquisition of the listed company’s film and television company earnings ratio is similar to 1 billion 500 million.