lead: Poly beauty Liu Huipu senior vice president: I don’t venture too painful, but the grass root Chen Ou spirit is very clear, today we talk about is how successful the United States together.

May 21st, 2014 innovative China • NEXT held in Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing. Jumei.com senior vice president Liu Huipu made a keynote speech, he believes that the United States has been able to use just four years on the market, the key lies across the three bubble: talent bubbles, bubble and bubble.


following is Liu Huipu’s speech record, without my review:

most of the speakers today are CEO, but I’m a determined person. Why? Because it’s too tiring. To recall a particularly interesting things, at the beginning of 2011, I attended a MBA forum Tsinghua, it is the first time I met with Fang Hao, the forum after I go to a store to eat dishes, spent a total of less than one hundred, the development of chat chat Jiayuan, a few months after the company listed last week, jumei.com also listed three years, I experienced two listed companies, also witnessed the two companies listed in the process of how they work.

when there is a guest review said "do not do a particularly heavy company today, I am particularly recognized this sentence, maybe a lot of people have different interpretations of" heavy ", but must admit one thing, whether it is on the NASDAQ Jiayuan, or the NYSE jumei.com, the two if you want to find a common ground, that is the grass root.

also back in 2011, I went to Tsinghua MBA forum with Fang Hao, I was vice president of sales. At that time in two speakers before me are particularly cattle, and then I asked them a word: do you profit? They say no money, it also pulled what? If at the time the two companies according to their intended market value of at least one is 4 billion, one is 5 billion, but now the two companies has almost disappeared.

today we are talking about the future belongs to the young people, then why not Liu Huipu venture? Because the venture was too painful, but as the founder, grass root Chen Ou spirit is very clear, today we talk about is how successful the United States together.


in the listing process, all of the executives in the United States the basic difference is not reversed, it began to return to the jet lag, officials of other listed companies to Las Vegas good fun in a circle, the United States basically Qiaowan bell executives on all back home, and the whole economy, Chen Europe too. Investors are terrified that you can’t take a plane. United States senior management team did not play the habit, although the company left us can operate normally, but we are still worried about leaving the unexpected events.


is how to survive? This is based on the market insecurity. We say that the United States and the United States listed