Google’s U.S. headquarters announced that it will end in August 15th to pay online video business, the full implementation of the free video program to load the advertising business. Analysts believe that this means that the paid video search business in a strong offensive "free to defend our position, the future network advertisement in the growth rate of more than a newspaper advertisement at the same time, more abundant forms of advertising, video and rich media advertising will have greater development space.

The report quoted a spokesman for Google

Analysis of VSS

and iResearch analysis of China market data show that the 1 quarter of this year the scale of China network advertisement market is 1 billion 708 million yuan, various forms of media, video ads in the Chinese online advertising market in the proportion of the lowest, only 1.2%, far lower than the proportion of the 47.8% largest brand advertising graphics in the proportion of paid search advertising ranked second in the proportion of 26.1%.