business needs opportune, very important day, the opportunity to come to seize the chance of success will be much larger. But the opportunity is really difficult to seize, to spell luck, spell character, to seize the opportunity to be ready before the opportunity comes. Today, a lot of successful Internet entrepreneurs, have failed, had missed a lot of good opportunities. Recently in the know almost on the Internet for more than a decade, as practitioners, you missed what career and entrepreneurial opportunities attracted many entrepreneurs to answer, look at how they say:

Huang Yimeng VeryCD founder, founder of the heart game

starting from 03 years to now, in fact, missed too many opportunities.

VeryCD flow is the fastest growing, Alexa 100 of the world’s top, also happens to be the most developed business income SP the best, but we did not do SP advertising, missed the first flow of large-scale realization time;

our installed capacity of the highest amount of time, did not follow the trend to do their own web site, but with a very low price to the default home page software sold to another site. Each month the site advertising bundled get less than 20 thousand yuan, a few years after we do on the advice of the caoz web site this month there are nearly 200 thousand of revenue, almost a year after the cumulative users reached 1 million monthly income. But also missed the best time, less than a few years of user accumulation;

VeryCD is also the first attempt to do online video website, as early as the potatoes are still using Windows Media embedded Player plugin, Youku has not been born we have started to do a Flash player online video player, but that time is not determined to have no courage to seek investment support. Of course, now recall, at that time, even if the transfer of online video may not be successful;

business is like to see opportunities missed opportunity, when you want to see Facebook oh why didn’t I think of it, but the opportunity is there, there will be available after Fackbook twitter, the twitter can still after the birth of instagram. Every time I feel lost when a business opportunity, an opportunity may be passed in front of. So don’t worry too much, the correct attitude, continue to accumulate and try to get ready for the next opportunity. When the opportunity comes, all the pay will be rewarded, as we have 10 years to meet the opportunity of the web game.

Wang Xing founded the U.S. mission network, no rice, school network

I always

and real idea is: to move forward.

what is the so-called missed opportunity, it was not your chance. Past love, the moment is not mixed, the future is not welcome. More >