Beijing on September 7th news, according to the technology news website Business Insider reported that at the age of 24 young people in the · Kauffman (Ben Kaufman) founded the popular New York start-up companies Quirky C recent round of financing $68 million investment. This means that since its establishment in 2009, Quirky has received $91 million 300 thousand in financing.

this round of financing by Anderson · Fund (Andreessen Horowitz); Hotz led KPCB as the new investors have a large share of. Quirky so the two new members of the board of directors: Anderson · Scott Hotz · Weiss (Scott Weiss) and KPCB from the Marie · Mikel (Mary Meeker). Weiss’s most famous title may be Hotmail’s thirteenth employees, when Hotmail has not yet been acquired by Microsoft. Weiss is also the co-founder of IronPort, which was later acquired by CISCO.

Mikel was known as the queen of the Internet, initially in the Morgan as influential Internet stock analyst. In KPCB, Mikel has invested in famous companies including Groupon, Square and Spotify.

Quirky makes it easy for people to turn their creative ideas into real life products. People upload their ideas for $10, and then choose which is the best. If an idea is selected, Quirky will be able to produce the product and pay a lifetime license fee for the product.

Quirky has launched 200 products, many of which are sold in retail stores. More popular products include Pivot Power, Cordies and Crates. The company has paid more than $2 million in licensing fees to inventors, with a total of 260 thousand users.