thieves and crooks are hateful, but life is an objective existence, cheating and cheating is also the same as the others hate, but not very defensive. It is impossible to eliminate, and prevention is a responsibility of all our advertisers. The following is the current anti cheating way easy advertising alliance in the use of several, hope to each network marketing to bring a little help.

      1, IP prevent cheating: General billing is in accordance with the 24 hours only IP, can be IP each entry in the database, the next access IP and IP database already exists at the same time, is not charging. Now the Internet is generally a dynamic IP, the cheater through the dial up and down the line to achieve the change IP address, you can identify the C segment IP, such as the emergence of a large number of 218.175.11.x the same C segment number, you may cheat. Can be submitted through the IP encryption, and then by the receiver to decrypt the record into the database, you can put an end to the use of simulated data submitted by cheating.

      2, COOKIES to prevent cheating when you visit a page, and COOKIE will record, when the next time you visit the page, and submit the same COOKIES parameter, you can not judge repeated charging. This way the defect is easy to change the physical information to cheat, such as through the INTERNET option to empty COOKIES.

      3, click ratio on-line settings: the average rate of 5% from 99 years down to less than 1%, of course, there is still the need to cross rate of object oriented and visitors to the page advertising, the higher the correlation said the page and advertising more, click rate is high. The rich media ads in 2% to 5%, 0.1% to 1% in the general picture, and picture of creativity, can be set when the click rate exceeds a certain percentage may cheat (expo-plast alliance set up in 8%). In order to improve the click through rate, the most common form of creativity is to simulate the WINDOWS system prompts, analog buttons off and the beauty of passion and seductive pictures.

      4, according to ALEXA data to prevent cheating: ALEXA is not a standard, but it is an excellent reference tool, when the value of a large ALEXA site had hits high, you doubt, traffic come from?

      5, the source of statistics to prevent cheating: 1, record the click path page, namely ads page address, can be manually placed advertising is correct, check whether the next leading adverse statement. 2, record antecedents placing advertisement page, each site search engine always occupy a large proportion of antecedents, if not the antecedents of the page, the page can be judged.