from foreign trade to the electricity supplier to the O2O to try, the man is always thinking about how to get closer to their target customers – a group of poor service young woman

Ma Yun by video link Yin, founder and CEO Fang Jianhua, appeared in the video of Fang Jianhua wearing a white shirt, poker-faced sat in front of the computer of the Yin man for four years to participate in the double eleven record. It’s 11 in the evening of November 11, 2013. Just like to see the news anchor wearing a business suit of broadcast news, but can not see him because of the hot weather wearing shorts, who can not think of Fang Jianhua line, and was wearing a black skirt.


original eleven nights that night, the man’s office has become a Cosplay scene, in order to ease the staff due to the long hours of work hard or nervous, Fang Jianhua took the lead to play Cosplay. He was wearing an American classic 60s and 70s pilot costume, wore a pair of sunglasses, dressed as Batman and colleagues.

double eleven really belong to Amoy brand carnival. Ma Yun this year for the first time to choose the Haier, men’s GXG and women’s three brands. Born in the original Taobao platform brand has entered the top three women’s sales list for the past three years, in the era of e-commerce grab the opportunity, the man is still in a stable position of the first, the second. Fang Jianhua said: "we did in 2010 6 million 800 thousand, had planned to do 1 million years; second for 17 million 870 thousand; about 70000000 last year, this year has done one hundred million to 12 points when can do, never imagined." The results are done this year, 120 million, boarded the top of the top two women’s Day category of eleven.

that night worth Tmall platform and Amoy brand merchants to celebrate. But a double eleven, Fang Jianhua went to see the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area. He is not kind, specifically looking for the brand this year do chat, chat each other sigh, he was secretly from the enterprise in the high-speed development, I just want to find those detours, they used to be really good, now do not, their paths are Yin go to avoid in the future." Although relying on Tmall platform has accounted for the initiative, but the party is still full of a sense of crisis, the man in the rapid growth of how to avoid being beyond, still let him worry about things.

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in Guangzhou, Haizhuqu District Industrial Avenue, Haizhu Creative Industry Park, the man took possession of a blue painted two or three floor of the factory floor. Fang Jianhua, who is a student of fashion design, tries to decorate the office area with literature and art. Pick up the space was originally created by Fang Jianhua’s clothing foreign trade processing plant workshop, after the transformation of the walls were painted wooden color, the roof is a variety of painting puzzles. Open office area is arranged in front of a corner, making pottery decoration workers, several fan old wooden door is said to be from the flea market Amoy to antique. The three layer is more like a