What is Google Apps? Google Apps is Google launched Internet application services. Four free web application services are now available:

1, Gmail  –  to your member: 1) to provide each account 2G storage space of e-mail; 2) quickly and accurately search for information search tools; 3) built in the browser instant messaging.
2, Google Talk  –  you can call your free members whenever and wherever possible contacts, send instant messages or voice messages.

3, Google calendar   –  members can schedule their own activities and share with others, meetings and calendar.

4, Google Page Creator  –  website design tools of this "WYSIWYG", where the domain you can quickly and easily create and publish web pages. (English only)

in the official document Google Apps help mentioned conditions are:

The requirements for Google are that must have domain and have access to a DNS management settings.

you Apps using

The requirements for acceptance include five main considerations:

Domain name Location Number of domains that you have already registered Involvement in IT decisions for your organization Domain availability in our system

If you meet the basic considerations we help you get started with ll this service. Otherwise, we you know why we ‘ll let can’ t serve your domain at this time and keep your information on file for when we can.