if you are like me, Zulily financing $85 million, the valuation of $1 billion is estimated that the message will let you do not understand. Of course, their revenue reached $500 million a year, but in the field of electricity providers, we have seen a lot of other growth figures fascinating enterprise.

Gilt is the founder of the website, some of the original he now continues to struggle: lagging behind the growth and profitability of the problem, not smooth and the sale of low-quality products etc.. According to the Wall Street Journal reported that Gilt’s CEO Kevin Ryan may immediately lose their jobs. Others, such as One Kings and Fab, are also losing ground on user loyalty. At the same time, the prospects for the things-in-a-box model and the daily trading model look bad.

in the sales and product transport links, consumers look forward to the electricity supplier to provide free services.

is located in Losangeles and New York entrepreneurs began to understand why Silicon Valley entrepreneurs began large-scale use of electricity supplier 2 mode. Typical consumers’ aesthetic fatigue for a concept is a lagging indicator, not a leading indicator.

What is the relationship between

and the valuation of the industry? There is a consensus, that is Andreessen Horowitz always pay more money. The following icon lets you see more clearly. On the line and the world, the traffic is the most important indicator.

see comScore statistics for Fab and Zulily weekly visits.


now, see how they compare with the industry.


from this icon, only three companies higher than the industry average, namely, Amazon, Fab and Zulily. That’s why investors think Fab and Zulily are the industry leaders.

(via pandodaily)