Android version Open Garden screenshot. This application can achieve cross platform network sharing

cross platform network sharing application Open Garden recently announced the completion of the seed round of financing, where funds raised $2 million from a group of angel investors.

Open Garden with Bluetooth, PC, smart phones and tablet PCs and other devices to achieve network sharing. Users do not need to be matched, and no manual intervention, just install the Open Garden devices placed within a certain distance. For example, you have a 3G network support iPhone 4S, and a iPad and a laptop computer, then only three sets of equipment in close position, and then through the 4S communication iPad notebook Bluetooth and iPhone, and with the help of mobile phone internet.

in fact, iPhone and other mobile devices are supported by the WiFi hotspot feature, it is easy to let the phone turned wireless router for other support WiFi devices access. But the advantage of Open Garden is that it is extremely simple to use, you do not need to start the WiFi and search for hot spots, just install the application, and can turn on bluetooth.

Open Garden was nominated for the 2012 TechCrunch Disrupt Conference finals in New York, this service can make Android equipment, PC and Mac users to their mobile phone, tablet computer and PC security, seamlessly connected together and connected with each other to share wireless data. So far, the application downloads have exceeded 250 thousand times.

Open Garden co-founder CEO Benno Lear, Micha (Micha Benoliel) said earlier this week, the company plans to expand the team of engineers to use the funds to focus on product development. Specifically, Open Garden plans to launch in the near future multi hop (multi-hop) connection and channel binding (channel bonding) products. Since its inception, Open Garden has been planning to launch these two important features, and the latest financing will help the company to accelerate the program.

There are many important uses of

channel binding technology, one of which is to allow users to use both WiFi and 3G or 4G connections to increase bandwidth. Minami, a DigitalGarage investor, said in a statement: "social networking is probably the next big thing for social networking users," Kazuya said in a statement. Open Garden first opened the door, so we invested in them."