Product Description:



1 shortcut. The information flow and capital flow separation approach, using advanced electronic financial network, can be sent to the Western Union remittance agency of any company in the world, the payee can obtain the remittance in ten minutes.      
2 convenient. The remittance procedure is simple, do not need a bank account. Western Union Company has about one hundred thousand agencies and outlets in nearly 200 countries and regions, we can not in the premise of agency relationship under direct remittance.

basic procedures: (1)
3 notice the password of the payee or the optional password;
4 to modify the remittance instructions or withdrawal by the remitter after the filing of the application for. (two)

westernunion is generally arrive immediately.

Tianjin from the point of view, the post office for non bank financial institutions, safe supervision is not very strict, as long as there is foreign currency on the line, but there is a limit to the amount of $2000. The bank is relatively strict, the need to provide the material, and the general remittance.