I am Chinese www.cnzzwz.com webmaster webmaster Wangzhuan forum. To tell the truth, I bought this domain name a year ago from the A5 forum, was a webmaster website. Because do not understand the operation, management, so there has been no profit, the site is not a little angry, as time passes on the abandoned ignore. I believe that a lot of grassroots webmaster with me have the same feeling. Until a month ago, I am looking for someone to help me take this now Wangzhuan forum. Over the past month, I have been groping, continuous efforts, and finally pulled out of the mire, and now every day has been done to earn more than 100 yuan. The following is my May 5th turnover (income) screenshot: a total of 9 single transaction, every 16.8 yuan, not other sales, everyone will calculate how much income today.


so how do I do it? I’ll talk about some stupid but fairly effective methods.

first, the location of the site.

Localization of

1, the domain name and station name: my name is the original China webmaster website, my station name is Chinese webmaster Wangzhuan forum, www.cnzzwz.com to the domain name, so at this point a location. The more important point is that I will "Wangzhuan forum" as the core of the website, and trying to find relevant Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial, and software, Wangzhuan method, the full range of friends, came to the site of VIP service.

Localization of

2, the service object: I will Wangzhuan forum as two class. One is the free Wangzhuan plate, the other is charging VIP Wangzhuan plate. Free Wangzhuan special plate reproduced some readable articles and Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial. Charge VIP Wangzhuan plate was mainly the collection network each big Wangzhuan forum core VIP Wangzhuan tutorial, VIP members can then the least money to get the best Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial and.

3, fees and service positioning. My location for the whole network minimum charge, service best Wangzhuan forum. Because it is the debut of the forum, and to each big Wangzhuan Forum (such as network, golden whirlwind, for the autumn, etc.) as a charge for thousands of years, it is not realistic. So, at the beginning of my charge is very low positioning, was originally 8.8 yuan for life VIP, after 5 days, I rose a dollar a day, and later rose to $16.8, I would like to pause a paragraph. At this point I location for the annual membership of 8.8 yuan, a life member of 16.8 yuan, it can be said that this is the charge for a minimum of VIP forum. Although the price is low, but I stick to the price is not low, updated every day, do some others I have, VIP content website forum is also very full, even more than the famous forum tutorial project is more abundant, so buy Chinese webmaster Wangzhuan forum VIP members find value. At the same time, I still insist on the high quality service. As long as VIP members do not understand the problem, I use the self