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Yes, I can

"the whole workshop is only a computer, every day after dinner, I went back to the workshop, the company’s hard drive to remove the. Every day I was there, turning on a light, holding a book."

how did you start to learn computer?

used to read a book called "alien" book, the book said most computer masters were born in 1950s, such as Steve Jobs, Steve ward, Bill Gates, Paul Alan, Bill Joey and so on, the expert help began to design PC operating system and programming language that is 70s. I just was born.

in 80s, Apple Corp has been listed, but most Chinese people have no concept of the computer. As a rural township is longer than the native born, when I was a child I never seen a computer, programming time is so late, and this is how many years experience programming prodigy genius, there is a big gap, I really started from the University programming. I majored in mechanical and electronic engineering, several computer language course in the professional, including C and Fortran, the database used FoxBase, computer 386/486, black and white face, no impetuous heart, I only remember the teacher to write a similar book library management system, but can’t remember the details the.

high school my academic performance is very good, but not good at volunteer, one and two are not admitted, leading to heart is an institution of higher learning heart, who is the second college, so he went to the Hebei University Of Science and Technology, haha. In college I think this school is very young cynic, in general, not much enthusiasm for learning, but I am very interested in computer technology, and when I was young love some relationship with the assembly of various radio. I often talk with like-minded buddies and communicate with computer, then the room time is not very abundant, but also pay, so we will do a lot of homework on the computer before the program compiled well written on paper, so that the machine can be directly input program and debugging and tracking. There is a pleasure that we through various programs and tools to optimize the disk space and memory size, then the computer in order to run the program we love, I remember a black-and-white game play most often called Tomahawk, the protagonist with an axe Daguai, bored.

on the whole, I’m in big