always thought that I do just out of curiosity and interest, to play, last night in stationmaster net shopping, watching someone else’s station story, suddenly reallize his attention to this actually has been more than a year, and I have several websites, put a lot of effort, be considered a webmaster. Although I am such a dish, so far will not use DW, do not understand the code, can not even make the most simple template.

my site is all ready to use the CMS program, all of which is the official set of templates, we search in the days of Pingyu network, Pingyu people home, go in and see. When the first day rise is also linked to Google Advertising, checked gains yesterday, nearly a year to $sixty, the poor poor! I was such a fool, want to use the web site to make money, not impossible? But you don’t say, accidentally, and explore the analysis, repeated test, let down I found a good way to make money, gradually clear the website operation ideas; okay in the end, can insist on how long, then teach in the webmaster.

My days in Pingyu

, located in the local life information port, with local information and business information as the main content, no what special place on the surface; it has been Baidu included the more than and 200 pages, available in Baidu search "Pingyu" two words, two hundred pages can’t find it! How can I make it local businesses want to advertise on? This will depend on the active promotion and publicity I. A lot of business circles, usually busy with business, few people are familiar with the network, really know how to deal with the site; I use the advantages of knowledge, to persuade them to advertise on the local network. The local economy is relatively backward, so far, in addition to the government network is not very decent portal; days Pingyu network, although simple, but in a way to fill the gaps. And because of my Pingyu site actually constitute a station group, and persistent update, there are two sub sites at the same time to the Baidu Pingyu search home page. As long as more than 200 yuan, you can publish a year AD on my site, so many people see the Internet in Pingyu. TV subtitles just a few words, a week will have hundreds of pieces; and I can give you a separate content rich pages, illustrations, you compare which is better? My agent is such a "trick" business customers. The more than and 200 is indeed nothing, a month down to coax a dozen businesses, which is nearly two thousand yuan of income. Haha

and I have a killer: Baidu search. Since the days of Pingyu network has been Baidu, Google included, I have to do some businesses do not have to be too long Pingyu web page will be included. So, I salesman more reason for money: you see Pingyu XX solar advertising on our website, now Baidu search "Pingyu Pingyu XX solar, solar pages out there, those who want to buy solar in Pingyu a lot of people will be in the online search, so they certainly will first understand this sign. Don’t you want to make your products can make it easier for people in Pingyu to search? Oh, indeed, it is.