lead: indeed, creative and capital are the two essential factors of the entrepreneurial process, but to create a successful start-ups, there are many other factors that must be considered to be the focus of entrepreneurs.


when you want to start a business, you may think that what you need is a good idea, followed by funding problems. It is true that creativity and money are two essential factors in the process of starting a business, but there are many other factors that must be considered in order to be successful in starting a startup. But many entrepreneurs, especially the first attempt to start a business, will always be immersed in the joy of being about to start a new career, blinded by passion, and thus ignore these factors. We invited 10 successful entrepreneurs and executives in the start-up companies, asking them to share their eyes, the problem must be considered before the start of the business, I hope their experience can help you.

control techniques

"focus on mastering new skills to become a continuous learning machine. If you want to build a house or a building, a tool or a skill is not enough, so you have to learn and master as many skills as possible. You don’t need to be proficient in every skill, but you should at least understand them." – CarFootprints.com CEO Ney Torres.

Institute of finance

in my opinion, the most important skill is to learn how to finance. Completely rely on their savings and credit cards to start a journey, is a high risk, no reason to speak of behavior. After the financing skills, is to develop their own sales skills, especially large orders sales skills. No sales skills, whether individuals or businesses, can not complete the work of entrepreneurship. And lack of marketing skills can also make it difficult for you to get financing. – Rich Dad CEO Anthony Education Humpage.

knows the law

most small businesses need to do the same work as large companies. But in small businesses, the founders need to play all the roles. But the founder of the time and energy are limited, so you can think about the core competence of the enterprise is not so important for outsourcing, such as bookkeeping and financial statement in writing. Outsourcing these jobs will allow entrepreneurs to focus on the most important task, which is to lead the enterprise to grow. – BookKeepping Express CEO Keith Enterprises Mueller.

"no matter where you are, you should be familiar with the industry’s legal, industry standards and industry standards. >