there are a lot of people are still in doubt, can really make money online? You ask, I do not blame you, because you have not really integrated into the industry, I do not know who is not too. Please listen to me slowly. I said others you may not know, as I said Ma, Robin Li, Yang Zhiyuan, Ding Lei, Li Xiang, high, you should basically know it, they are a model of money online through, this has become a reality, I don’t want you to doubt the fact. That in the end why the network can make money? The network is actually a kind of media, what the media, the media is also a channel for the dissemination of information.

before you know the media of newspapers, television, radio, magazines and so on, these media dissemination of business information to make money, of which two party is profitable, the media itself is a party, the other party is a businessman. The Internet is a kind of information dissemination media, behoove can profit wealth, you will say, if the business is not so, the only television boss or owner to make money ah, ha ha, good. However, you must be clear: on the Internet, everyone is the media boss, because the sharing of resources, media bosses and businesses on the Internet is exactly corresponds to the webmaster and network. You know what I’m saying.


as you can from business, how to make money through the network, this is what I want to say, we first look at the fundamental way of making money online. From what I have talked about the relationship between the media and business owners, the network can be summed up to make money there are three modes: selling advertising, selling products, selling services. Actually, it’s sales, it’s just online. Sell advertising, that is to say you are a station, to help businesses advertising, advertising fees, but this income is little (I just started to contact with the network, because advertising alliance, suffer, earn very little), not on my record of the primary body network in the department. Selling the services you need to perfect the technology, or expertise, such as you are dedicated to the establishment of the enterprise, network maintenance, server hosting and so on, but for most people are not what technology, so the sale service is not in my discussion of the system of. The rest is to sell the product, yes, is to sell products. You will say, I do not have a product, ah, I did not open the company, ha ha, you this is a macro understanding of the definition of the product.

say, before I explain the let white entrepreneurs fast business, obviously not want you to go to your purchase, and then go to the sales of physical products, so the high cost. I am in this step, especially virtual products, but also zero cost products. For example: e-books, micro reports, audio courses, video courses, online courses these are zero cost virtual products. You might say, "no, you can make money selling these things". I clearly tell you, through the sale of such virtual products over a million dollars a day, a lot of people, the country also has more than 500 thousand RMB daily income, I have to sell an e-book, earn a net profit of $three within the.

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