first said the fact:

1, the low threshold of online entrepreneurship, countless young friends to send a dream in this.

2, the network business to meet the food and clothing are less than 10%, the monthly income of ten thousand yuan or more than 0.5%

network entrepreneurs do not lack of ideas, not lack of passion. Why is the success rate so low?

1, lack of practical experience. For example: you can do a website, every day from the search engine to 10 thousand traffic, every month to make a profit of $3000 alliance. Seemingly very simple, they can operate, do not need any experience. But then the problems may let you know what to do: space failure, insufficient bandwidth, AD content, hacker attacks, viruses, search engines are hanging hair……

2, lack of communication. No line of communication, you can know that three years ago, beautiful World of Warcraft G can also hit a monthly salary of over a million? Can you know two years ago to open the studio MF and OF G can play full-time earn hundreds of thousands? Can you know a year ago black MF and OF, can Nisshin million


line communication from where?

says a status quo for everyone:

looks at the five hand information from the magazine

looks at the four hand information from the newspaper

three hand information from TV

look at second-hand information from the network.

then a hand where? Hand information is your own circle of friends and discuss it, learned of the people is always the second-hand or more information, catch fast, eat a bowl of Rice porridge fill the stomach, after slowly, to others.

B2F Web2.0 what, what, this is not a myth, this is bullshit, there is a golden yellow outside packaging. As long as you have enough contacts, you can praise a few days out of C2B, everything is so simple.

I know a lot of personal webmaster heart has a wonderful dream, a grand plan may exceed million net, may exceed Admin5, may exceed hao123, even beyond the Alibaba.

my friends and I set up a group of specialized Internet Project Exchange QQ group 59813541 in the group of people under 200, but currently only more than and 30 people, is a success and is actively preparing for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, we have such a principle:

1, on the Internet, many people do not know enough to enter, we can exchange a little

2, your project (website) who disappears in the light off, we don’t want your creative


3, see others hot, but just watching people do not enter, the group is used to communicate, do not play table

4, there are other people are also wrong door weight

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