from time to time to some friends of the site’s most analysis, planning work. Here are some of the most common ways to evaluate my site. Need a short time to a few minutes, long to a few days, if there is enough time, you can do an analysis of each column (including positioning, content, layout, and other indicators of activity). If the forum, blog, personal column is a major part of the site, you need to do a special assessment.

Three indicators and the development trend of

"Reach per million users" can be roughly seen attracting ability and trend.

"Page Views per user" can be roughly seen its content and trend of the ability to retain visitors.

"Traffic Rank" is a comprehensive index.The last 3 months, 6 months, the development trend of



two of the website, and whether the implementation, the degree of realization.

The overall structure of

, the have a more comprehensive understanding of the site. Even if not, you can also have a general understanding of the navigation bar, column, etc..

The update speed of

program update speed, site update speed, the update speed of the home page, the update speed of the first home screen of.

especially the update speed of update speed, home of the first home screen of (including the actual update speed and feel update speed). Update speed is a manifestation of the site’s own activity.

The quick response ability of

six, the content of its own website number, proportion and recognized degree.

seven, website editing professional degree.The professional ability of