5 15, Ai Rui CEO Yang Weiqing said that China’s Internet portals accounted for the share of advertising reached a total of only $40%, while the portal traffic is only 12%.

How does the

12% flow create 40% of the advertising share? The following is the author’s thinking:

1, the portal high professional level editing, the higher the value of information, the user base is relatively mainstream, high commercial value, more brand advertisers Pro lai.

The total flow rate

2, the portal is still only 12%, but the portal in the whole Internet Ecosystem of the upper, belongs to the capital intensive areas, basically in a state of monopolistic competition, which belongs to the Tencent Sina, Sohu, NetEase, limited several portals, therefore, from the flow distribution map, and behind too many to count the small website compared to 12% of the traffic to create 40% of the advertising market, leading industry or reflect the 80/20’s law.

3, portal advertising efficiency is higher. Contact with the same crowd, the arrival rate of the portal is obviously higher, lower cost of delivery.

4, the relevance of the portal and advertising environment is better. Although the small site can also be distributed to reach the target population, but the relevance of small sites and advertising environment is usually not as good as the portal.

5, advertisers put on the portal site familiarity and trust is relatively high.

6, the service level and the marketing ability of the portal website is good, the wide size website lacks the specialized advertisement sales personnel, often relies on "the network alliance" the advertisement agent to advertise the investment.

7, portal website and brand information reports, advertisers can use advertising and website brand cooperation and cooperation activities, the influence and resources of the portal site, to achieve the maximization of the value of advertising.

8, portal is more suitable for event marketing and public relations.

9, the portal website is conducive to the brand’s public relations protection.

10, portal advertising products category is complete, suitable for various forms of advertising.

summary: the value of traffic is not absolute. Advertising value and flow size distribution is not proportional. Flow represents the level of user value and commercial value, as well as the level of cost and efficiency, is the key to assess the value of traffic.

reference: Internet value chain ecosystem:

– integrated

– search engine (information collection and integration)

– portal, information, entertainment (mass communication, professional collection power and channel resources)

– forum, community, BBS (mass communication)

– IM (QQ and MSN and other instant chat tools, interpersonal communication)

– blog, Podcast (2 self propagation)

The stronger the

goes, the stronger the integration, the greater the value