recently saw some netizens from the higher, a variety of reasons. But for me, contact the computer for 5 years, from the moment of their contact with the computer, I asked myself a question, the computer can make money?

over the past five years I have been trying to continue to explore, continue to learn, slowly understand the network to make money is absolutely. Although the five years the highest daily income reached only 200 yuan / day, although sometimes the daily income is 0 but still occasionally, they were happy, adhere to Wangzhuan part-time.

is sometimes better than the Wangzhuan industrial work tired, but I still insist, insist to update my site, keep looking for money everyday Wangzhuan, continuous learning. Occasionally, particularly tired, I will think of Ma Yun once said "Ma Yun said:" today is very cruel, very cruel tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful; most people died in tomorrow night, can not see the sun tomorrow morning." So hold on to slowly pass, although I was a part-time Wangzhuan, but never thought of giving up. Since the site’s traffic has long been maintained, from the original daily IP100 gradually reached 5001000, I believe that I am not far from success. Wangzhuan is a dream, I believe I can not only solve the problems of life through Wangzhuan, can solve the problem of buying a car. Wangzhuan is a personal business, Wangzhuan successful people will do good industry. Wangzhuan is a accumulation, the reason why I have not succeeded, because I accumulated enough.

Wangzhuan colleagues insist on, give up a dream can have a variety of reasons why, but the realization of a dream must adhere to! Believe you will be successful. "I believe can do it!"


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