introduction "Indoorsman" Liu Xian (a pseudonym) visited Nanjing takeaway O2O Market: the takeaway market hot, with zero line led; the hot area and the main city is near the University of CBD; the takeaway market in Nanjing this year or up to 370 million yuan in 2015, or up to 480 million yuan; the advantages and disadvantages of non delivery team the market needs to be improved; 5.


"Indoorsman" Liu Xian is south Xianlin Campus a Junior, now he is under the mobile phone APP, small restaurant takeout minute service dormitory downstairs…… More and more consumers solve meals or using a mobile phone network, capital from various quarters have been sword Nanjing. The small box behind the market?

noun interpretation

APP: mobile application software. Is the abbreviation of the English Application, referring to the third party smartphone applications.

O2O:Online Offline To (online offline / online to offline), referring to the next line of business opportunities and the Internet, so that the Internet has become the forefront of offline transactions.

how to use APP to take out?

first download and install software. For the first time into the client will automatically locate, showing the nearby can provide takeaway list of merchants. Optional mobile phone ordering and online payment cash on delivery. "Hungry" for example, to support the balance of treasure, Alipay, WeChat and other online payment. Such as room service overtime, some stores will be added for drinks, such as the extension of service time, the user can also cancel the order.

several takeaway O2O

June 2012, Nanjing zero line by three after 80 returnees venture was established, is currently the largest platform for Nanjing. By the end of 2013, Alibaba launched Amoy little, in May of this year, the public comment to $80 million stake in hungry Mody, in this year’s Baidu takeaway debut in April. In September, the Amoy little "kill" into the Xianlin University city.

visit: Xianlin University City near

features: the most fancy "fast", noodles, milk tea, coffee


boss a person guarding the computer and mobile phone

waiter became the "go by"

as early as last year, Liu Xian (a pseudonym) does not adapt to the style of a single canteen meals. Just outside the commercial street scale, so a bunch of 90 boys moved to where the small hotel. But "Indoorsman" are still too go spend half an hour too far.

this year, called the "Indoorsman artifact takeaway food APP appeared. There are at least hungry, the United States takeaway, Amoy little takeaway three client software constantly in the University City leaflets, posters, also played a price war, to recruit students to use. Among them, Ali’s Amoy little the latest, in September this year after the opening of the new semester University