has been in touch with HTML for 7 years since it began in the year of 01. From a hobby is open, and now no longer work, to do a professional SOHO. However, over the years, a collection of the largest single block is 100.

I’ve been dreaming of making 100 dollars a day, but I’ve never thought about it.

I finally know that they are really lazy, do anything can not go on, although insist on doing stand, but the station can not stand. One day a basic idea. One day for a set of procedures, so that day by day. Waste time, lose money.

I don’t know, see this article you lose money to do a station every day, or every day to earn more than 100 yuan extra money? I’m not in the web site to make money, is not the cause of IP, but did not insist.

for so many years, also said to himself, as long as there is nothing to do well, but I did not insist on. So it doesn’t make much money. Now I am at home, no income, the site is no longer do, ADSL costs are out of their parents. Not to mention how much a day to earn.

yesterday evening, my brother and I tried to force the cry, this is the third time since grandma died, and his girlfriend broke up after the cry, I cry so many years so disappointing, after a good cry, really, really very relaxed.

now send this article, is a new starting point, from the,,, now I don’t mind too much, don’t think what a day to earn 100 dollars (I am not greedy, love money, but I’m doing this thing at home does not work. So maybe you do stand to earn extra money, and not me, so that I own a lot of pressure).

I had a plan, I one day earn not 100, I work for 1 months, or 2 months, a day income of a dollar? I used to waste of time wasted, Jinbuhuan, return of the prodigal son, what’s the big deal.. With the beginning of a day of income, but also worried about the development of the future?.

to write this article, the first is poured out their bitterness, Twentieth advise those who do stop thinking about big money, brother, don’t worry, one day you will be Robin Li second, have a beginning, there will be good results, I believe this evening to say (Khan, 1:30).

to write so much, if the brothers do stand in the process of bitterness, write together, write out, what is good.

went to bed, I hope to have a good start tomorrow.

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