With the popularity of the Internet, Internet application services (ASP) market competition, service quality, the standard is not a product of uneven in quality standard for this emerging market has been questioned. When the same industry have transformation, open up new areas, 35 Internet insist on down, and in the ten years journey grow step by step, forming a service structure to meet the small and medium-sized business network application services.

after eleven years of development, the Internet has already had thousands of employees on the 35, branch of the company, at home and abroad nearly 7 agents. In the 35 spacious and bright 7× of the Internet; in the service center of the 24, the busy staff serve millions of customers from all over the world.

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continuous innovation capability

35 as early as the beginning of the Internet, fully aware of the importance of technological innovation. Over the years, with the sensitivity of the Internet industry, 35 Internet has been walking in the forefront of industry innovation.

in early 2003, 35 Internet launched the first set of spam filtering system based on intelligent behavior recognition and artificial intelligence, sounding the war horn to spam, and has since become one of the major manufacturers of domestic anti spam.

in 2004, with SUN, AMD powerful combination, the company launched the first 64 intelligent anti spam system in the country, to fill the gaps in the domestic application software 64.

company is the first in 2006 to develop a multi line access enterprise post office, through multi line technology to solve the problem caused by interconnection for customers. Based on the 64 bit platform hedgehog the two generation of virtual host, the business of G mail, G host…… A series of innovative products and services, never stop the pace of innovation, so that 35 maintained a strong vitality.

excellent service quality

with the popularization and application of the Internet, companies have begun to attach importance to the importance of the internet. According to the latest survey data show that 80% of companies are beginning to recognize the role of e-mail as a tool for the transfer of business activities, a large number of companies have built their own web site or web. A large number of enterprises are also actively engaged in the reform of enterprise information.

business applications due to demand, security, stability and quality of service, has become the focus of most enterprises. 35 Internet has formed a variety of online instant service, telephone service, door-to-door service, such as a full range of service models.

2007, 35 Internet has launched the first 35 business G mail, support single user 3.5G mailbox capacity and hundreds of megabytes of accessories, not only has the same super intelligent spam filtering function, and more considerate design business office online.

has laid a solid foundation to better meet the needs of customers and provide customers with better quality products and services