, a Google spokesman confirmed to the outside world, after the Google Gmail service on Tuesday temporarily unable to access the AdSense for business services also appeared in the same fault. He said, in the western United States standard time on the morning of February 25th, AdSense services have been unable to access the fault, the duration of about 90 minutes. Fortunately, however, the number of affected users is not large, and we have notified all affected users, the fault is also repaired in a very short period of time."


is reported that, when the AdSense service failure occurs, advertising providers can not be released on the Internet advertising display. Although Google said that affected users have been notified, but refused to disclose how much the proportion of users affected (Google may be afraid of people from this figure to infer the total number of AdSense users). However, it is obvious that the Google AdSense in the fault has not been much affected.

for Google two short time intervals of the fault, no matter which network service provider, the frequency of its occurrence seems to be a little high. However, the recent problems with Google seems to be related to a cloud service, part of the server’s failure on the Google’s overall service had a certain impact.