now greatly small shop more than niumao. There are like Baidu, Taobao, ebay… These online shopping sites. Of course, if it is a person to open shop I recommend everyone to Baidu, Taobao, ebay… These sites. Because these sites flow. Many people. Many people who come to see you. Buy a lot of chances. But if you are not satisfied with the above shopping website. I recommend you can try to open an independent shop on the network, for example, I have a system with ECSHOP. As a personal shop. That’s enough.

Baidu has recently very popular. You can go to have a registered account. I registered a name. Ah..

now let’s talk about how to separate the shop with Baidu have ah open.

if there is no registered Baidu has ah. Can go to Reg& tpl=cc& tpl%5Freg=cc& u=http%3A%2F%2Fyoua%2Ebaidu%2Ecom%2Fcontent%2Findex%2Ehtml register a. Register well. Wait for Baidu to verify that you can start a business.

if you open an online shop, of course, is a registered m, buy a space. It is so convenient. The benefits of personal shop is an independent meter. Can be sent to friends. Baidu has the advantage of having a very strong flow. Personal shop disadvantage is not good promotion. If you are just a product platform. That’s not a problem.. If you sell on the internet. No flow is not good. Each has its own advantages. I do not recommend this site can not understand the user can register Baidu ah. Understand the point of network knowledge can build their own online shop system.

personal shop system is how to do traffic is a big problem. I just wrote it down..

I have to go through the following 4 steps. We can refer to.

1, released to the search engine

presumably this method is to use all of the search engine users must master the skills, the purpose is to register the search engine in order to more effectively promote the site. To Sina, Sohu, Google, Yahoo, and some of the big search engine site to register, just fill out some forms, although it is a small move, but it will bring you unexpected results oh.

in the registration of the search engine in the process of some common skills in the submission must pay attention to some of the details of the

home page, of course, is the Baidu ~~ input www.youayoua>