on the 13 day of this month, I published an article that popcorn became more and more junk (http://s.admin5.com/article/20071013/58562.shtml), and I felt that I didn’t say anything. Pay attention to the wording of the title of my article, popcorn is more and more garbage, if you are from the beginning of 06 years to do, you will understand what I mean, if it is estimated this year is difficult to understand what I say.

      I say popcorn Union became more and more garbage is based on:
      1, popcorn alliance ad code a serious drag on the website speed, frequent failures of my site is often a lack of pace.

      2, popcorn alliance has just begun a high degree of transparency, although the data is displayed on the second day, but there is time, point out the address, point into the address; now only a certain amount of advertising ID hits yesterday.

      3, you can pay attention to popcorn alliance official website advertised "star site" to see who is still continue to do popcorn, they these "star site" why not do it?

      4, my 2007 2006 traffic doubled several times, several hits also fell into.

      5, analysis of official data in September 23, 2007 (a popcorn alliance data) before 2000DI meet the payment is 33, while the December 24, 2006 (week data) before 2000DI meet the payment is 341, breaking a finger check, a digit may differ, but the official data is still, if not. You will see, although very boring, but Facts speak louder than words. The following comparison is also based on the data of these two cycles.

      6, the following several webmaster is half of 2007 income several times in the first week of 2006 revenue.

      id404 (station name: 91live) in September 23, 2007 revenue 163.53 yuan; in December 24, 2006, $932.67.
      id622 (station name: vvyy) in September 23, 2007 revenue 267.06 yuan; in December 24, 2006, $1106.07.
      id717 (station name: fenggwx) in September 23, 2007 revenue 182.88 yuan; in 12> in 2006