Abstract some people say that the programmer is to eat young rice to a certain age, you have to consider careers, some people choose to start their own business. When you keep business to learn professional knowledge from the previous track, would you choose to start on the road to go on or return to his old job? Program made more than ten years Dan McComas got venture Office website, when the site is gradually on the right track, he had doubts about their future occupation. You can give him out of ideas


in the first 12 years of my career, I did a good job. This is due to my work philosophy – while working hard, I make full use of my spare time to learn new technologies and programming languages. To be a successful programmer, you have to do it.

I do self-examination every year, summed up the previous year to learn, planning to learn this year. I will buy a lot of books and put the knowledge into practice. For 12 years, I have learned at least one new language and read a few books on programming theory and concepts.

about two years ago, I suddenly wanted to do a website. I will be all night and weekend, and even holidays are used in the development of the site, and finally, redditgifts successful on-line. This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever had. As the founder of the site, I carried out my own ideas, regardless of success or failure will be played by myself. I soak all day in the website community, one does not fall back to the user feedback, and with the unprecedented speed of iterative · · ·


this is not the first time I started a business, but it was the most successful one. The impact of entrepreneurial experience also surprised me: I no longer see night and weekend time to learn programming related things, but to test new ideas and projects; and every time you try to bring many new ideas, I want to try. Fortunately, my Focus.com is a company that recognizes the value of a business savvy programmer, and they are all behind me. In this way, I can do my new idea at work, and do not have to worry about wages.

everything seems to be going well, but I’m starting to think about my future, and I’m wondering if it’s going to help your career. Just like before, I’m programming, even more than before. However, the pace of my study is not as good as before. I can’t learn programming at the same pace, most of the time spent on product design and business strategy learning. That sounds good, but what does that mean for my future?

what should I do to continue to start a business until I get a return or return to the life of a programmer?