saw this title, I believe everyone will ask why should I give up now soft advertising? Is estimated most on Admin5, I am stupid, I know Admin5 not long, in Admin5 diving after a period of time, I found a lot of stations are expected Baidu or other stations connecting the past the traffic flow and some station just to earn a.


2008 is not 2007, expect the billboard money station has not help, of course, can still earn money, earn 2300 dollars a month, I believe it is already enough for small owners, of course, the money earned is hard and sweat a lot in return, 2007 is rubbish station gradually increased year 2008, there will be more garbage station? I think that even in 2007, a large increase in the income of the garbage station, the effect is the same, the webmaster, do not expect billboards, what is your favorite? What is your best to develop their own? The advantages, such as the new customer network, specializes in video, as I understand it, this station was opened a video studio, had opened a lot of garbage station, I met in the Trading Forum He told me that he had sold all the stops, and I asked him why, he told me that he had to run his own.

2008 he can’t count on billboards, not counting on GG. I asked him, you earn a month? The answer is 10 thousand, I was shocked, why get so much profit, he smiled a word, because I do not expect advertising, do not expect any advertising, he developed his own advantage, in fact, just contact site is perhaps the only. With others to learn something, to see how others do, watching others engage in station flow of the QQ class, oneself also to imitate, but success can have how much? You think your advantage? What is your best? By earn more profits for themselves technology, not just advertising! I am not good at writing, writing is not good please forgive me!