is now an individual or business, or many of them are chosen to build a blog to meet their various needs, of course, would like to use the blog to make money is not a minority. In recent years, the rapid development of the blog group, like many foreign bloggers are full of the blog, they quit the work of other specialized blog at home, half of the monthly income of more than $3000. Of course, the money can not only come from a blog, such as the famous ProBlogger, he has more than and 20 blogs. So whether you are an official hosting of a regular blog or a separate domain name of the pro professional blog. Online advertising will bring you a certain amount of income, the money can at least help you pay for Internet access, hosting fees, etc..

our domestic situation is going to be a little bit worse, online advertising service is not very mature, can not make full use of traffic to make money. But most users choose like Sina, NetEase, and other such blog hosting providers, no absolute control of blog. So the blog earned a few thousand dollars a month can only be the overwhelming majority of people. But a month get eighty ten pocket money or very easy.

for independent domain name blog, the situation is different. Independent domain name blog can independently design layout, place ads, and the most important is the independent domain name blog after proper optimization of its search engine ranking is also higher than other custodian blog. According to the content of active sponsors, but these are the words of the blog you must reach a certain quality and flow, you will have to find sponsors.


is now the mainstream independent blog program to WORDPRESS, PJBLOG, zblog etc., in function optimization, have done a good job, you can install a station, it is convenient, I now use is zblog, feeling good. If you are interested in one independent blog.


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