a web page, not much traffic, $4000 a month income. This web page is super simple, using Google’s free homepage to do, of course, I did a few later, to see one of them: picasa2.download.googlepages.com

is so simple, English a download $1, this everybody knows. The key is, where the English traffic?

Google Yahoo advertising to buy English traffic

Google fifty yuan to open an account, not even money can Adwords advertising, how to do? Adwords online to find coupons for the address, and then apply for, I applied last year very much, also very much buy coupons. I have no less than 10 Adwords account opened.

Adwords wants to put in a good, advertising must work hard, otherwise the price down, advertising click rate is not high. Advertising effort, you need to consider 1, matching degree of 2, the level of advertising appeal to the people of 3, the price of

1, I use the Google free home page, the domain name is directly included in the domain name, so the match is very high.

2, advertising description, I have a lot of Kung fu. I had a high click rate can be described as an ad 12%.

Picasa3 Downloads – Free

Picasa3 NEW NEW! NEW! Is!

Downloads now it!


in order to attract attention, I used to use three NEW FREE, at the same time, order! With suggestive Downloads it now! So people want to see, click rate will be higher.

Adwords has actually been on this kind of word Picasa is limited, if you have Picasa in advertising language, but not through the examination machine, Picasa2, picasa3 on the right, and because of this limitation, when I first do no competition, so there are only three or four cents per click. Two or three clicks, bringing $1, so it’s still a good deal. Cast 500 yuan a day, come back a few hundred dollars. Most of my day, put 2000 yuan, back $945. Over the past two years, every time I received a check, next month, I will be more intense advertising.

in April last year, when the general assembly, I spoke openly on the stage in this way, when the company’s Adsense is also responsible for the google. Hundreds of people