small fan had also started to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, now has 04 years not so profitable, but as long as have their own ideas, a month thousands of fast money is no problem, for everyone to send me the original tutorial written today, now has the small fan for SEO, I hope everyone can visit me the station ( (the editor in brackets deleted it, link left me Mody)

Chinese Wangzhuan market is very chaotic, when the novice to join the start or click, or surfing, there are a lot of people to buy items. You know, the market revenue and expenditure is very coordinated, there is money, then the corresponding money. If you have a project that earns $100 a day, will you give it to someone else?

we do Wangzhuan analysis should be sensible about, now most of the Wangzhuan got into Pyramid, when doing this kind of Wangzhuan the first to analyze the alliance, make what? You go by what your downline money? How to make money? How much is the market saturation? This needs a very calm the analysis, when you sad or unhappy, can calculate the.

well, so how do we do? If you calm analysis, found that this can give you a safe life, OK Boddy! Will follow your ideas well, but what do you do if you feel you from the inside to make money? Well, to play the league the role of. Since it is the Pyramid model, then we have to stand on the top.

let me talk about what the union needs,


1, a web site

2, technical personnel

3, propagandist

maybe we think there will be a lot of investment, in fact, if you can do without a penny!

How do

website? Free space? NO, we must say no to free space if you do alliance, which will not go on the website, the biggest loss is not money, but the credibility! Want to let others believe you, well, from now on you have to save your reputation. From far away, and then come back, then you can find the site where the IDC (do not know what to ask Baidu, Baidu is the best teacher), they have a lot of idle servers, tell them your ideas, they will give you the investment of a server (I pro test), but you need a plan.

technical staff, what is the most valuable, talent. So how to find free and valuable things? The technical personnel of the market saturation is very high now, high-end low-end is not found, and no, so we need to target in the low-end, alliance does not need too much knowledge, many technicians have nothing to do, as a case, we can two times.

publicity staff, it is best to take their own money, you can choose the Forum