handle network founder Wu Bo

IT Sohu news (text / wind) in April 15th, a serial entrepreneur, handle network founder Wu Bo in an interview with the Sohu IT with deep feeling about his entrepreneurial experience. In his view, the brand of science and technology is short-lived, and this is why he chose to operate the traditional packaging industry brand reasons.

watch carefully, because science and technology update too fast, so the technology brand is usually short-lived. Therefore, in this venture, I firmly choose not to do the brand of science and technology, but rather the operation and packaging of traditional brands." Wu Bo said.

at the same time, inspired by the rapid rise of millet, AFU and other Internet brands, Wu Bo believes that it is now a great opportunity to use the Internet to quickly establish brand marketing.

"in China, clothing, Home Furnishing, decoration and other industries have appeared new brands of opportunity, but in general, a breakdown of the industry really can you remember the iconic brand also one or two, now these areas still occupying the possibility of." Wu Bo said.

Wu Bo admitted that many people do not understand the traditional industry of Internet marketing, and he just had this experience.

but I believe, Wu Bo chose the industry to operate the brand there is an important reason is that the above several industries are just need and high margin.

It is reported that last week, Wu Boxin

, the Canada music business website (www.meijiale.com) officially launched. Now the Canada music website and vip.com looks very similar. The operation mode is taking the mode of the combination of Online + offline: 1, with well-known brands and mall stores and brands cooperation, help clean seasonal goods, the user can choose to buy online, can also choose to go to the nearest store to buy directly, in this sense, Canada music is just a the integration of information and display advertising business, do not assume logistics distribution. 2, the operation of their own clothing brand, to help other brands operating brands, which also take the form of Online + offline, online marketing, sales, packaging, and the opening of the store under the line.

may, for Wu wave, the Canada music website can do is not the most important, and if he is through the Internet marketing will own clothing brand Macy & Larry and other small designer brand to do it, that is the biggest success.

according to the disclosure, in June, Wu Bo’s team will be in Beijing to do a show, own brand clothing will be unveiled, CO branded products will also appear in a special way.

"the show we will sell tickets to sell more than the old Luo hammer conference will be more expensive, very fun, wait and see." Wu Bo said some suspense.