recently many grassroots are not to blame, for GG, for the mother of Ali and Baidu alliance has been refused, see grassroots such a sigh, we are very sad, but why we only know sad, do not know about other ways to drill the ox horn point.

Wangzhuan is a very difficult way, others see the Moon said the Western Union, but their roots had never seen. Yes, this is because it is only open on the west, have the confidence of the people here. So, still want to say, do not despise your life, do not despise your career


many people ask what recently alliance? What alliance does not deduct the amount, what alliance can receive the money, in fact, union law is bigger than the small, good, such as thunder alliance, QQ alliance, Sogou alliance is very good, why not go to the grassroots, and must be GGAD and Baidu, mom


  很多人说,我申请了好多联盟,没一个能通过的,为什么呢?为什么别人的网站申请什么联盟都能通过,你就不能呢?世界排名?日ip量?这些都是借口,如果你随便拿个cms,采集点文章,在乱seo一通,会搞好吗?能搞好吗?答案是:不可能~~~所以,草根们从现在开始,去做好你的网站,去做好你的内容,去做好你的美工,钱?如果你为了赚钱而去学习网赚,那劝你,早点回家种地去~~种地至少不愁吃,但是你学习网赚只是为了赚钱,那你会亏的很惨,很多说,我没本事,不会asp,不会html,不会ps,不会dw,我怎么做网赚?其实,这都是借口!成功的人,不会说,我不会什么什么,,而什么什么…只会说,我这个不 I have to learn…..

said so much, might say a bit extreme, but I sincerely hope that the Wangzhuan friends, want to put the station for a better grassroots, to review their attitude, their website review under

!The following

, to provide you with several more safety and less quantity and can receive the money alliance, in addition to ggAD, Baidu,

and sub mother!

thunder Alliance:

Teng Xun QQ Alliance:

first video Alliance:

Sogou Alliance:

here hope grassroots can do well, attentively for the station, insist is victory!