just a few days ago wrote "B2C" web site operators support this article evaluation system and user experience Tongyuangongliu two elements, there is a webmaster after reading to express his opinion, here also thanks his share. Of course, the idea of this article is more idealistic, in fact, just started doing B2C mall will encounter many difficulties in practice, these difficulties will eliminate some people into the B2C industry. After all, this is the survival of the fittest industry. In the early stages of entrepreneurship, a lot of different development models, and some just started to do B2C mall hired senior talent to help the company, team development, and some are more cautious by small bigger, slowly expand the scale. But it can be predicted that the initial B2C mall, it may be difficult to profit, the most important thing is to grow. We have seen the visibility of the domestic B2C mall is a step toward a strong footprint. As the continuous improvement and perfection of B2C, today, I focus on the difficulties and challenges faced by B2C in the early stage of entrepreneurship. Also hope that the different views of the webmaster can find me exchange discussion.

Burn sem


said Baidu bid, we all know some Baidu bidding, many are profiteering industry, as the charm of women shaping beauty, and everywhere you can see the game, these industries have great profit margins, for those who do not have the SEO accumulation of this part of the website how to cross the threshold, the introduction of the first flow rate. Think of or use the Baidu bid. Bidding can use the shortest time to make the website can be placed on the user feeling talent shows itself, the most sensitive left position, a little Money talks, bullshit walks.. But do the bidding rankings, at least need professional SEM talent has a keen and accurate data planning, determine the key words, in order to achieve accurate determination of the target user group, on the basis of effective promotion. Otherwise, spend money out of the bottomless pit.

2 network threat

I believe that many owners are afraid of server status, some website attack is the most intuitive website continues to open, do not affect website ranking, website operation seriously affected. If the B2C mall marketing staff, it is a loss, need to please the specialized technical personnel to help solve. This is just the beginning of the mall is not a small blow. Not easy to attract users will therefore leave. This stage requires the accumulation of lessons learned again and again to improve the site’s immunity and ensure data security.

3 by nature

We are targeting

often said, positioning is the site, because the site location relationship with our service, people relations website operation development direction, is also related to whether you are SEO or SEM keywords to determine. So, first clear the target. B2C do a lot of interested parties have a lot of, they are the interests of the confusion, where there is interest in what you want to buy products. In particular, I would like to do a large shopping malls like Amazon, category complete, they also envisaged >