wrote this article, I filled with a thousand regrets. After a while, he finally came back. Two years ago, read the third time, from the beginning of the registration for cheating in advertising, to make their own Wangzhuan station, then serious fiction, emotional forum, then the crazy brush brush card, SMS, ringtones, do alliance, music station, rent independent host auction advertising…. The webmaster can think of means are almost I used a.

sure you care about is that I do so much, how much money earned?


in the past two months before the eyes, I certainly knowing in my heart in your head: Senior tuition is their own pay, computer is their own money to buy out the money, idle away in seeking pleasure is their own, also a server (the remaining two months before buying is not care), earned a little money.

up to now, the past two years but earned experience earned little consolation self satisfaction. So many hard days, like migrant workers like to copy and paste the keyword, all through the night staring at the price, basically cut off the communication with people, often run to and fro the Internet online, do not know what to do, close the computer immediately to the Internet, but also thin is not like, pay a life spending. The value of


thought once, I decided to change.

started the Internet less time, and colleagues and friends more exchanges, to the outdated, nor irrigation, or ask questions, or just look at the essence of the post, hoping to inspire me. Once in a while, see the article on the flow and the reality of the post, the webmaster (in their station hung advertising, health can be said that the mail for patients to solve the problem, and then to provide these patients to the hospital take a percentage of hospital information. ) all of a sudden inspiration, why don’t I try it? I think you have what resources that can be used to naturally think of the company, I work in a building design institute, company has recommended an engineer in the company can get at least 2000 yuan reward. Do not mean to do, can quickly do what they think is the implementation of. I’ll make a kind of construction industry station (China bridge network www.0499.cn), because of their own in this industry, what is the imitation of customer needs most, begins to add content, after half a month, I had to stand on the supply and demand information. This is very encouraging to me, I did not expect to be so fast, before the station although there is a supply and demand information module, but never sent a message, unless their own Ma Jiafa. I don’t care too much about this information, it’s still a continuation. One night three months ago, a friend of mine to do the construction of a friend asked me to inquire about the construction of a class of mechanical products, I naturally think of their own station, check the next, obediently, a lot of people in the sale of this. I found a sale information member ID from the background, find a way to contact him, a little excited to pass his phone, I introduced him to a single business, can deduct a percentage from each other very readily agreed. So >