Alibaba listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 19, the highly anticipated, while adhering to the dream of the development process has also touched countless people. But at the same time we found a lot of companies to adhere to the dream of failure, but there are success on the road there is a failure, a large number of dead businesses, it is a difficult road. This way, to adhere to the dream or reality? (from the speed transit road)

entrepreneurship is a good word, this two day of Ali listed on the news has been dominated by the website of the headlines, the commentary is more like the river of the crucian carp. Speed transit network 673rd on the topic also talked about: entrepreneurial dream? Guard Yuan Kun to write this text. ".

many people see the success of Ali, what is more, why I not with deep hatred and resentment into Ali, a general staff. Sister said a word: do not get is not important. Because we missed, so miss. Success is a kind of chance, but also a necessity.

entrepreneurship needs a dream? The answer is undeniable. Can really go on, are after countless precipitation. Like Malata electronic education I recently watched as of September 18th, Malata group held thirty anniversary commendation and the gala, 30 years, Malata has always adhere to the times, innovation and entrepreneurship, from black and white TV to satellite receiver, VCD, DVD, and then to the LCD TV, tablet computer, intelligent mobile phone, continue to create a the characteristics of the times of new products and brands; 30 years, Malata has always adhere to the entrepreneurial passion, love dare to fight to win, from the Nanjing Jinshan a ravine, out of Zhangzhou, out of Fujian, out of China, towards the world, become the famous brand enterprise China.

30 years is very short, fleeting. For an enterprise, 30 years of wind and rain is really very long. This allows us to see the growth of traditional enterprises. Some people say that the Internet business is relatively easy, the threshold is relatively low, the opportunity is relatively large. For Alibaba, 15 years before the precipitation of today’s brilliant cast. For Internet entrepreneurs, how many people can wait three years, five years, ten years?

we can’t wait, the reason is simple: the reality. On the way to success, the first problem is how to survive. In order to survive, we have to give up their ideals. Everyone thinks that they are doing the right thing, of course, including the author. So we will strive for their own dreams, but there are a few people will give us the beat beat: your direction is wrong. Does it really make sense for us to make the effort, or does it make sense?.

entrepreneurial dream, it is certain that, after all, we need to support their own faith to go down. However, no matter what an industry, you have to solve their own menace from the rear (parents, even at home), if have no income, family problems, you will stick to your dream? The answer is self-evident; you have to take care of your body (Health >